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Rosemounts attracts students from all over the world including America, Spain, Brazil, Japan, Saudi Arabia, England, Chile and Mexico. Students have the option of opting for English and/or Hindi and also preparing for various Cambridge Examinations such as IELTS and TOEFL. We offer complete boarding in a safe and clean environment. We provide all the necessary documentation and assistance ensuring it is easy for students to obtain a visa.

Classes are conducted in an organized manner granting students enough time to study and explore Dehradun which has so much to offer. Students are provided with all the support they require. Our staff assists in planning trips, booking tickets, arranging transport and arranging tour guides. Students can also combine activities such as yoga, trekking, gym etc. alongside their classes. All our courses are flexible and can be customized according to students preferences.

We would be happy to help you with any further queries and information you may need. You can call us on +91 7302222330.

Courses For International Students


We offer a variety of English language courses for students with different needs and at different levels. Click below to know more about the different levels.


Our courses have been especially designed for the non-native learners. The course is delivered by teachers who are proficient in Hindi as well as English. Click below to know more.


Found in the scripture of Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism, this classical language is one of the oldest known languages in the world. It is also one of the 22 official languages of India.

Hostel Life

We call our hostel a mini world. You will find students of different nationalities, religions, and cultures staying under one roof. It’s a great experience staying at Rose Mount’s hostel. Some of the students have made long-lasting bonds with their roommates! They might speak different languages but English is the common medium. So the students get to practice English 24hrs a day!

The accommodation provided by Rose Mount is clean, comfortable, and safe. The rooms are well lit and airy. There is a big garden surrounded by trees and flowers, where they can spend their evenings listening to music or playing games or maybe just in silence.

We would be happy to help you with any further queries and information you may need. You can call us on +91 7302222330.

Our Certificates


All our courses are offered as in-person 1-2-1 or online 1-2-1 classes. Group classes are offered based on the availability of seats. One may opt for either or a combination of any of these.

Our English, Hindi and Sanskrit courses are designed for absolute beginners, through to advanced levels. You can be at any stage and join the appropriate course level.

We also offer: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, GRE, GMAT, SAT. A student must possess pre-intermediate level of English knowledge to prepare for and qualify these exams.

We have an online level placement test that every student takes before joining the course. This tool is used to recommend the correct course suitable for the student.

     Take our Hindi LPT ______

     Take our English LPT _______

We recommend you study for 5 days a week, at least 1 hour a day for online classes and 4 hours a day for in person classes. However, the frequency of the classes may be adjusted to accommodate any other priorities. The schedule shall be decided at the time of admission.

Yes, you may start studying online and use your credit to study in-person partway through your course

Once you have decided the duration of the course and the travel plan, you can fill out the online admission form and send us a copy of the passport. We then issue an Invitation Letter which can be used to obtain a student visa.

Please visit Courses to know all about the courses offered.

Yes, you will receive a course completion certificate clearly stating your proficiency level.

Please download this brochure…….. to know all about your stay in Dehradun.

Yes, we take our students to local outings to get familiar with our culture.

Besides, we do offer Yoga and Cooking classes [Indian cuisine]. Should you have any other 

     interests you can let us know and we can help you find the right tutor.

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