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Business English Course (BEC)

In today’s world communication is the key to success. Whether you are a student, employee or entrepreneur, communicating effectively in English is a necessity. The Business English Course (BEC) taught at Rosemounts helps the students acquire English language skills which can be used effectively in a professional environment. The course covers all four skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening extensively. The key focus of the course is on writing and speaking skills. In order to make the course more industry oriented students are taught presentation and public speaking skills too.

The course is offered at four levels: Pre Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced. The students are free to take the appropriate Cambridge Business English Certificate Exam at the end of the course. The Cambridge Business English Certificates are a suite of three English Language qualifications for International Business:

Such Certificates which are valid throughout the world. Numerous multi-national companies accept BEC as proof of English Language proficiency boosting students’ employability. The course is taught by internationally certified teachers. All the classes are activity based and material used is authentic and well researched.

Who Accepts Cambridge English Business Certificates?

Cambridge English Business Certificates are trusted and globally accepted by leading employers, educational institutions, and governments worldwide, including:

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